Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I need to place my garbage at the curb?
a.The best time to do that is the night before your pick-up day, if you live in an area we service
with rodent, bear or other nuisance issues and do not want to place your trash out the night before
make sure it is out before 7 AM.

2. What can I place at the curb?
a. Please See Residential Services & Guidelines for information.

3. When is my payment due?
a. All Quarterly Subscription customers must have all invoices paid prior to the beginning of the
new quarter. All Residential Invoices are DUE UPON RECIEPT.

4. What Holidays does Trash Taxi Observe and will they affect my Pick-up Day?
a. Please See Holiday Schedule

5. What time will my Trash get picked up?
a. Trash Taxi picks up residential Trash between 7AM-7PM.

6. What happens if I place my Trash Out late and the truck has already been by?
a. The people that call us and tell us the truth that they put it out late can usually get picked up that
day or first thing in the morning.

7. What happens if my payment is late?
a. Late Payments can result in late fees and or interruption of service.

8. My service has been interrupted…… what do I do?
a. Please call our office and we can help.

9. How does the Quarterly Billing work?
a. All our Quarterly customers are billed every 3 months, Bills are sent out one month prior to start
of new quarter and is due upon receipt.

10. Why is my bill more than just the next quarter?
a.Everyone is on the same calendar quarter, so if you started 2 weeks before the new quarter starts
you will be billed for those 2 weeks and the next quarter.

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