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  • 01. 10 Yard
    01. 10 Yard
  • 02. 20 Yard
    02. 20 Yard
  • 03. 30 Yard
    03. 30 Yard
  • 04. 40 Yard
    04. 40 Yard
  • 05. 2 Yard
    05. 2 Yard
  • 06. 4 Yard
    06. 4 Yard
  • 07. 6 Yard
    07. 6 Yard
  • 08. 8 Yard
    08. 8 Yard
  • 09. 8 Yard
    09. 8 Yard
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Commercial & Residential Dumpsters

Trash Taxi offers many different size dumpsters for every need.

1. 10 Yard Roll-Off Container

Excellent choice for small clean-up, green waste and small clean concrete load. 10 yard containers can be placed in many more areas than any other can due to its length. At only 4 feet tall, it is very easy to load from the side.

2. 20 Yard Roll-Off Container

The most popular container order in residential settings. This container can handle pretty much all your needs. At only 4 feet tall, it makes it easy to load from any angle. Whether you are cleaning out your garage, spring clean-up, roof tear-off and many other situations this container makes any clean-up easy.

3. 30 Yard Roll-Off Container

The ultimate container, the 30 yard container can pretty much handle anything in a residential setting. The most popular container ordered by contractors, this dumpster will help get the job done. At 6.6 feet tall, it makes it a little tougher to load from the side, the rear door can be opened for easy loading.

4. 40 Yard Roll-Off Container

The big dog, this dumpster is purely ordered for the large load. This container cannot be loaded from the side without large equipment. This dumpster is over 8 feet tall and is very difficult in a residential setting to place. Whether your need is large or small, Trash Taxi can help. We are available 24 hours, 7 days per week for our customers nationwide. Containers can be delivered as soon as a couple of hours or within 24 hours. Trash Taxi also offers weekend delivers for a nominal fee.

5. 2 Yard Flat-Top Front-Load Container

The all mighty "Deuce" great little container for a small business or a large residence. At nearly 7 feet wide in 3 feet deep this container can easily be fitted with casters (wheels) and can be moved around by a single adult. Capacity 2 Cubic Yards.

6. 4 Yard Flat-Top Front-Load Container

By far the most popular size in America, this container is the middle of the road. Suited best for medium sized business, this container will fit in most corals and can also be fitted with casters (wheels) but may take two adults to maneuver around. Capacity 4 Cubic Yards.

7. 6 Yard Slant-Top Front-Load Container

The Meaty one, this container is best suited for medium to large business's, apartment complexes, manufactured communities and many more business types. This container cannot be fitted with casters and must stay stationary due to weight and capacity. Capacity 6 Cubic Yards.

8. 8 Yard Slant-Top Front-Load Container

The Big Kahuna, large enough to handle any large business or community and still not to tall to load trash from the front of container. Capacity 8 Cubic Yards.

9. 8 Yard Flat-Top with Doors Container

The best of both worlds, large enough to handle large quantities of waste with the luxury of doors on each side for easy loading. Capacity 8 Cubic Yards.

10. Dock Height: 2-4 Yard Stationary Compactor with 42 Yard Receiver Container

This is the perfect set-up for the business, industry or residential community with massive quantities of waste or recycling materials with the luxury of loading it dock height.

11. Through Wall Chute-Style: 2-4 Yard Stationary Compactor with 42 Yard Receiver Container

This compactor/container combo will allow you to load the compactor from the inside of your facility.

12. Dog House-Style Stationary: 2-4 Yard Stationary Compactor with right or left facing Dog House

This compactor allows you to load waste or recycling materials from one side at a time. The great thing about this set-up is: anywhere you can get power to the compactor you can place it. This unit can be placed in the middle of a parking lot if needed

13. Elevated Chute-Style: 2-4 Yard Stationary Compactor

Chute can be placed as much as 15 Feet above compactor for easy loading. Can also be attached to grinder for better compaction.

14. Self Contained Compactor

The is the Cadillac of Compactors, this unit is not stationary and is complete water-tight. This unit is a must for any business with wet waste, the container is offered in many sizes from 5 Yards to 45. This container also offer the greatest compaction rates of all compactor unit in the industry. This unit gets picked as one unit dumped and then returned.

15. The Infamous "VERTI- PAK"

This compactor unit has many uses, especially when space is limited. These containers are only offered in 2 and 4 yard but pack like a full size compactor.

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